Drawing Letter-Forms | Workshop | Parasol Unit

A one day workshop, Parasol-Unit, London, was planned and led in response to artist Shinro Ohtake's exhibition. (Images Parasol-Unit)

In preparation for the workshop I met the artist himself in the Private View. In response to my question how he made one of his mixed media pieces he said that he doesn't remember because it is not a straightforward process. So I proposed a mixed media materials workshop focusing on forms inspired by the materials themselves. The letters are the initial letters of the words of all the mediums and materials that the artist Ohtake has actually used, such as: watercolour, wood, electronics, dimensions variable, photograph, bulb, oil, fly, plastic fly, oil, oil varnish, oil stick, wood glue, persimmon tannin, plastic resin, felt-tip pen, spray paint, putty, photograph, printed matter, cardboard, thin paper, paper, plastic sheet, cotton cloth, wire, iron, plastic pipe, brass rivet, brass grommet, Japanese paper book, nail, leather, bulb, socket, electric wire, wooden box, iron board, balsa, can, wooden block, wooden shelf.... The list goes on.

A day's long workshop – a compilation of mixed media typographic works made by 7-15 year old participants. Mirroring artist's work Scrap Book #50 (Retina / Silver Cheese), 1992, all pieces are now part of a concertina book.

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